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SOCIETY REGISTER is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes in English or Polish empirical, conceptual, and theoretical articles that make substantial contributions to the field in all areas of social sciences including sociology, economics, political science, psychology, cultural studies, pedagogy, education, and social policy. SOCIETY REGISTER is published in partnership with the Department of Sociology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The journal has received honorary patronage of Polish Society of Comparative Pedagogy and Sociological Committee of Poznan Society of Friends of Arts and Sciences. The mission of the Society Register Journal is to publish original works of interest to the social sciences disciplines in general, new theoretical approaches, empirical results of research that advance our understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations.

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DOI: 10.14746/sr
e-ISSN: 2544-5502

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“Sport as a means of social inclusion and exclusion”


Sport plays an important role in the processes of social inclusion, as well as social exclusion. A number of categories of athletes and fans have been excluded from taking part in sport competitions and sport events. The situation of women in the history of sport may serve as an example, alongside current status of female athletes and fans in several Muslim countries or the discriminatory practices towards Black athletes during Apartheid in South Africa. At the same time, sport gives opportunities to support and acknowledge the marginalized individuals and groups of people, reflected through taking part in the Olympic Games under the Olympic flag or through football clubs and football fans’ attitudes towards refugees. Moreover, sport is perceived as a tool for social change, enabling mobility and improvement of social status for the individuals and collective. Although, the issues of sport have been already analyzed in a number of publications (e.g. Kennett 2013; Spaaij, Magee and Jeanes, 2014; Collins, 2014), the global political situation and the socio-cultural changes in different countries constantly provide the new contexts and cases to the sociological analysis.

Therefore, this special issue of “Society Register” is intended to examine and provide new knowledge about social exclusion and inclusion through sport. Contributions will explore (not exclusively):

  • gender inclusion/ exclusion in sport
  • sexual minorities in sport
  • sport and empowerment
  • refugees and sport
  • the status of disabled athletes
  • the role of sports fans in the processes of social inclusion/exclusion
  • the social programmes based on sport
  • organizational and policy issues focused on sport and social inclusion/exclusion
  • the analysis of the particular inclusion/exclusion practices
  • the analysis of inclusion/exclusion discourses in sport
  • the methodological challenges and theoretical concepts related to the research of social inclusion/exclusion through sport.
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