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The basis of my research is the assumption that proverbs convey knowledge of how societies perceive the reality and that proverbs are used as interpretative mechanisms. This is mainly achieved thanks to the repetitive nature of proverbs. Simultaneously proverbs force certain perception of the world upon societies and promote certain values. <br>The image of a woman in the Danish language is composed by two stereotypes, a negative and a positive one. The image is a combination of contradictions. On one hand there is admiration for features such as care, motherhood, life experience and, hard work, but on the other hand women are submitted to discrimination and harsh social pressure. Women are depicted as talkative, dominating, evil, vain, unpredictable, unrestrained. They face pressure to get married, take good care of their looks, or be exemplary housewives. The analysis of Danish proverbs gives a possibility to observe how much women’s social status, character and the perception of women by the society have changed throughout the centuries and how these changes have influenced the language we use and the reality that the language depicts.</p> Tomasz Archutowski Copyright (c) 2019 Tomasz Archutowski Wed, 29 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Live-Ticker: zu der neuen multimodal-hypertextuellen Form der Live-Berichterstattung <p>The live broadcast of different, socially important events is nowadays no longer reserved only for radio and television. The live-ticker, a result of various media convergence processes, is a multimodal and interactive set of institutional reports, journalists’ and politicians’ opinions, pictures, short films and social media posts, that 24/7 provides the most up-to-date information on a specific topic. The article is an investigation into the media genre live-ticker with a focus on its multimodal structure, the language-image relations, as well as aspects of hypertextuality. Finally, I want to show what the live ticker differs from similar forms of online broadcasting. The corpus are three Danish live-tickers that provided the most detailed report on the trial of the Danish entrepreneur and designer Peter Madsen:, and Madsen murdered in 2017 a Swedish journalist Kim Wall, for which he was sentenced in April 2018 to life imprisonment.</p> Michał Smułczyński Copyright (c) 2019 Michał Smułczyński Thu, 30 Jan 2020 09:34:28 +0000 ”In memory of The Snow Queen” – Hans Christian Andersen recalled and retold <p>The main focus of the present paper is the so-called ”intertextual revision”, explored as one of the most recent and innovative strategies employed while reviving the legacy of the Danish fairy-tale classic Hans Christian Andersen. In order to illustrate this practice, I discuss a short story entitled <em>Travels with the Snow Queen </em>(2001), by an American writer Kelly Link, which is a reworking of Andersen's world-famous fairy tale <em>The Snow Queen </em>(1844). Link's take on Andersen's tale represents one of the leading directions within revisionary fairy-tale fiction, inspired by feminism and gender criticism. The analysis is centered around the narrative strategies employed by the author in order to challenge the gender logic incorporated into Andersen's account, as well as the broader fairy-tale tradition it belongs to.</p> Aldona Zańko Copyright (c) 20219 Aldona Zańko Thu, 30 Jan 2020 09:42:12 +0000