Mądry, Alina, assistant professor at the Department of Musicology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She received her PhD from Adam Mickiewicz University in 2001 (Twórczość na instrumenty klawiszowe C. Ph. E. Bacha w kontekście niemieckiej estetyki muzycznej II poł. XVIII wieku [The keyboard works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in the context of German music aesthetics in the second half of the eighteenth century]). She specialises in the history, theory and aesthetics of eighteenth-century music in Europe and Poland. She is author of the book Carl Ph. E. Bach. Estetyka - Stylistyka - Dzieło [Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Aesthetic, stylistics and work] (Poznań, 2003) and a number of articles published, for example, in Bach 2000. Music between Virgin Forest and Knowledge Society., Polska