Ryszka-Komarnicka, Anna, Ph.D., assistant professor at the Department of General History of Music, Musicology Institute at the University of Warsaw (M.Mus.thesis: Pasquale Anfossi’s oratorios in Poland [1994]; Ph.D. thesis: PasqualeAnfossi’s oratorios [2002]). Her main research interests include music of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with particular focus on the achievements of the Italian composers of the Baroque and Classicist eras (opera, oratorio, cantata, forms and genres of aria music, the sonata form), as well as the Polish musical culture of that period. She has published numerous articles devoted to the music of Alessandro Scarlatti, Pasquale Anfossi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as articles on cavatina and rondo, the sonata form in vocal and instrumental music, and Polish musical culture (including works devoted to the relations between Poland and Italy during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries). Recipient of a grant from the De Brzezie Lanckoronski Foundation (research visits to Rome in 2000 and 2012). She has recently completed the research project The book o f Judith in Italian oratorios o f the Baroque period (1621-ca. 1750) funded by the National Centre for Science in Kraków (2011/01/B/HS2/04723)., Polska