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Nowak, Tomasz, Ph.D., ethnomusicologist and dance anthropologist, assistant professor in the Institute of Musicology at the Warsaw University. He was conducting fieldwork in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Belorus, Ukraine, Germany) and Indonesia (Bali). He is the author of the book Tradycje muzyczne społeczności polskiej na Wileńszczyźnie. Opinie i zachowania [Musical traditions o f Polish society in Vilnius region. Opinions and behavior] (Warsaw, 2005) as well as of a number of articles on Polish and European folk music.
Nowicka, Elżbieta, habilitated doctor, professor of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. A scholar of Romantic poetry, nineteenth-century drama, literary criticism and opera aesthetics, especially the opera libretto. Author of numerous articles published in periodicals and of several books, including „Postylion niesie pisanie...” Szkice o romantycznym liście poetyckim [“The postilion carries writing...” Sketches on the Romantic poetical letter] (Poznań, 1993), Dzieje teatru w Polsce [A history of theatre in Poland] (Poznań, 2000), Omamienie - cudowność - afekt: dramat w kręgu dziewiętnastowiecznych wyobrażeń [Delusion, wonder and affect: drama in nineteenth- century representations] (Poznań, 2003); co-author of critical editions concerning nineteenth-century literature and culture. Collaborates with the Department of Musicology of Adam Mickiewicz University as part of an inter-departmental opera specialisation and teaches Polish and theatre studies.
Nowicka, Justyna Cecylia, master’s graduate, studied Spanish and Polish at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Universidad de Valladolid (Spain). A PhD student of the University of Wroclaw and the Universität Autônoma de Barcelona, where she is completing a dissertation on the Romantic ironical poem in Poland and Spain. A translator from Spanish and French. Author of articles and participant in conferences on literary studies (Polish and Spanish romanticism) and translation studies. A grant student of the Polish and Spanish governments.
Nowik, Wojciech, Historian, musicologist, music theorist [Professor at Fryderyk Chopin Music University, Dr hab., Head of Chair of Music Theory]. Interests: chopinology, history of music 18th- and 19th- centuries, theory of music 19th- and 20thcenturies. Originator and organiser of the international scientific-artistic conferences: Topos narodowy w muzyce polskiej [‘The national topos in Polish music’] (2006,2007, 2009), organiser of international Chopin conferences: Dzieło Chopina jako źródło inspiracji wykonawczych [ Chopin’s oeuvre as a source of inspiring performance’], (1999), Fryderyk Chopin - dwa wieki fascynacji [‘Fryderyk Chopin - two centuries of fascination ] (2010), co-organiser of the 2nd and 3rd International Chopin Congresses (1999, 2010). Author of more than a hundred works published in Poland and abroad on such topics as the creative process, Chopin’s works and manuscripts, the problems of tonality, syntax, form, structure and expression in the works of the romantics and of twentieth-century artists.
Nowik, Wojciech, professor, Head of the Department of Music Theory at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. His professional interests focus on the analysis and interpretation of the musical work, as well as the history and theory of music in the 18th-20th centuries. He researches Chopin autographs and drafts, as well as first editions of his works. He is also the author of reconstructions and editions of Chopin’s works. He has published the study Chopinowski idiom sonatowy [Chopin’s sonata idiom] (Warsaw, 1998) and a number of articles.

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