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Ojala, Juha, principal research interests are Charles S. Peirce, musical signification process, composition, metaphor, culture, cognition, mind and spatiality. His doctoral dissertation in musicology (University of Helsinki, 2009) was titled Space in Musical Semiosis. An Abductive Theory of the Musical Composition Process. He currently serves as university lecturer of music at the University of Oulu, Finland, where he teaches mainly music theory, music history, and music technology, and leads a research seminar. He is also active as a keyboard performer and composer, with master’s degrees in piano, composition, and electronic and computer music (Sibelius Academy and the Johns Hopkins University).
Okulicz-Kozaryn, Radosław, a Polish graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, member of the staff of the School o f the History of Polish Literature of the Positivist and Young Poland periods, collaborator with the Department of Baltic Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University, and former lecturer (1995-1997) on the Department of Polish Philology of the University of Vilnius; author of Mała historia dandyzmu [A brief history of dandyism] (Poznań, 1995), Żagary (Warszawa, 1997), Gest pięknoducha. Roman Jaworski i jeg o estetyka brzydoty [The gesture of the extravagant aesthete. Roman Jaworski and his aesthetic of ugliness] (Warszawa, 2004), Litwin wśród spadkobierców Króla-Ducha. Twórczość Ćiurlionisa wobec M łodej Polski [A Lithuanian among the heirs to the King-Spirit. The work of Ćiurlionis and Young Poland] (Poznań, 2007; Lithuanian translation, 2009); publisher of poetry by Aleksander Szczęsny (in Wydawnictwo Literackie’s Biblioteka Poezji Młodej Polski series), inedita and forgotten writings of Jaworski (in Archiwum Literackie) and the correspondence of Mikolajus Konstantinas Ćiurlionis (in print).

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