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Żerańska-Kominek, Sławomira, Institute of Musicology, Faculty of History, University of Warsaw


Zerańska-Kominek, Sławomira, professor, Director of the Institute of Musicology at Warsaw University and Head of that institute’s Systematic Musicology Department. She gained her Ph.D. from Warsaw University in 1976, and her habilitation in 1987. She has conducted extensive field work (1989-1999) in Central Asia and in Poland (1985; 2000). Her interests include the theory of the analysis of traditional music, mythology and religion in relation to music, the musical culture of ethnic minorities in Poland and the application of psychological methods in ethnomusicology. Her publications include books and articles on Arabic music theory, the musical culture of the Lithuanian minority in Poland, the music of Central Asia, and theoretical issues in ethnomusicology: Symbole czasu i przestrzeni w muzyce Azji centralnej [Symbols of time and space in Central Asian music] (Kraków, 1987), Muzyka w kulturze. Wprowadzenie do etnomuzykologa [Music in culture. An introduction to ethnomusicology] (Warsaw, 1995) and, as editor, Mit Orfeusza. Interpretacje i reinterpretacje w europejskiej tradycji artystycznej [The Orpheus myth. Inspirations and reinterpretations in European artistic tradition] (Gdańsk, 2003).


Żerańska-Kominek, Sławomira, Warszawa

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