Cosplay in the perspective of rape culture. Context, origins and conditions

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Daria Wrona


Many people do not have the knowledge on what cosplay is, even less about its positive correlation with the rape culture we live in. It’s hard to disagree that the modern world is heavily influenced by the pop culture, current reality is based upon it, and so it cannot be omitted in such important things as education. Cosplay, as a generally new trend is heavily rooted in it and as such it’s connected to the battle for equality, emancipation, sexism and many movements which are part of video games. Patriarchal influences and rooted patterns found in our cultural circle have impact on the appearance of costumes, which we wear; supply and demand with the addition of consumerism and hedonism dictate the look of created characters and cosplays characters which are most popular. Situations which demands attention are ones, where we breach someone’s personal space, where molestation of rape occurs. Aspects which help here will be proper upbringing and education, which apart of implementing basic culture and its patterns will also sensitize towards the problems of sexual abuse. The issue here does not lie in the character models, scarce costumes or the unfair fight for equality, its indoctrination or inappropriate approach, but teaching respect and enjoying the phenomena which is cosplay.


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Wrona, D. (2018). Cosplay in the perspective of rape culture. Context, origins and conditions. Journal of Gender and Power, 9(1), 63-73.


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