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Vol 7, Nr 1 (2015) Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Peace Education Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Svi Shapiro
Vol 7, Nr 1 (2015) “Let’s Talk”: Promoting Dialogue and Answerability in Critical Humanities Education with Permeable Curriculum and an Adda-Based Pedagogy Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Ritam Dutta
Vol 7, Nr 1 (2015) Use of Gamification in the IB History Class and as a Tool for Form Teacher. New Empirical Research and Solutions Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Jerzy Janiec
Vol 7, Nr 1 (2015) The Skinhead Subculture in the Czech Republic Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Josef Smolík
Vol 7, Nr 1 (2015) Multiculturalism Reconsidered. Bilingual Education in Guatemala Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Jarema Drozdowicz
Vol 8, Nr 2 (2015) Of Darwin and Other Demons: the Evolutionary Turn in Aesthetics Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Eveline Seghers
Vol 8, Nr 2 (2015) Identity and Interpretation of Public Artworks: A Challenge to Intentionalism Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Andrea Baldini
Vol 8, Nr 2 (2015) A Critique of Functionalist Definitions of Art Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Simon Fokt
Vol 10, Nr 2 (2016) La enseñanza de la historia en el currículum chileno de educación básica como reflejo del contexto político actual Abstrakt   PDF (Español)
Isidora Sáez-Rosenkranz
Vol 10, Nr 2 (2016) Honour Crimes: Transdisciplinary Issue Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Josef Smolík
Vol 10, Nr 2 (2016) Manifestations of Sexuality of Children in the Environment of a Kindergarten Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Petra Rapošová
Vol 10, Nr 2 (2016) Communication at School – a Threat or an Opportunity for Students’ Communicative Competencies? Searching for Answers Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Kinga Kuszak
Vol 10, Nr 2 (2016) Violence Against Seniors as a Social Concern Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Dorota Smetanová
Vol 9, Nr 1 (2016) Paradygmaty kształcenia studentów i wspierania rozwoju nauczycieli akademickich. Teoretyczne podstawy dydaktyki akademickiej (ANETA JUDZIŃSKA) Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Anna Sajdak
Nr 1 (2012) The Trouble with Diversifying the Faculty Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Walter Benn Michaels
Nr 1 (2012) The Contemporary Society, Changes in the Job World – Challenges for the Future Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska
Nr 2 (2012) Integral Andragogy as a Social Assistance Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Pavel Mühlpachr
Nr 2 (2012) Prodevelopmental Orientation as a Determinant of an Active Cooperation of a Subject for the Benefit of Constructing One’s Own Career Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska
Nr 2 (2012) Football Hooligans in the Czech Republic: Selected Topics Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Josef Smolík
Vol 3, Nr 1 (2013) Alternatively the Role of Parents Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Dorota Smetanová
Vol 4, Nr 2 (2013) Seeing is Believing. Anthropological Visions of Culture Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Jarema Drozdowicz
Vol 4, Nr 2 (2013) Social Determinants of Education in the Postmodern Society Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Pavel Mühlpachr
Vol 4, Nr 2 (2013) Youth Subcultures ad Social Pedagogy Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Josef Smolík
Vol 4, Nr 2 (2013) Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) in Mathematics and Personal Success of Elementary School Girls Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Noriany Orli
Vol 5, Nr 1 (2014) Keeping Abreast of the Multiple Biological, Cultural, and Psycho-Social Barriers to Breastfeeding in Modern Society Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Elizabeth Ping
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