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No 1(4) (2013) A Collection of Texts on Parmenides Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Massimo Pulpito
No 1(1) (2010) A Historical Outline of Byzantine Philosophy and Its Basic Subjects Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Katelis Viglas
No 1(3) (2012) A New Approach to Aristotle’s Aesthetics Abstract   PDF (Français)
Maria Protopapas-Marneli
No 1(4) (2013) A New Collection of Pre-Socratic and Platonic Essays: Problems of Philosophical Papyrology and History of Ideas Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Christian Vassallo
No 1(3) (2012) A New Edition of Democritus Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Guglielmo Ruiu
No 1(4) (2013) A New Edition of Heraclitea Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Guido Calenda
No 1(8) (2017) A Reply to John Dudley on Aristotle, Physics 2.5, 196b17 Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Giovanna R. Giardina
No 1(2) (2011) A Socrates That Does Not Listen. The Euthyphro Case Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Livio Rossetti
No 1(6) (2015) Agathology of Multiplicity. Considerations Concerning the Indetermined Duality Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Salvatore Lavecchia
No 1(3) (2012) Ahistorical Account of Plato and Presocratics Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Artur Pacewicz
No 1(4) (2013) Anaximander’s 'Boundless Nature' Abstract   PDF
Dirk L. Couprie, Radim Kočandrle
No 1(4) (2013) Anaximander’s Treatise on the Earth Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Livio Rossetti
No 1(5) (2014) Ancient Greek and Byzantine Political Ethics Abstract   PDF (Français)
Michail Mantzanas
No 1(1) (2010) Another Volume of Socratic Studies Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Francesca Pentassuglio
No 1(2) (2011) Approaching Plato’s Euthyphro with a Calm Distance Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Laura Candiotto
No 1(4) (2013) Are Zeno’s Arguments Unsound Paradoxes? Abstract   PDF
Guido Calenda
No 1(8) (2017) Argument and Performance: Alcibiades’ Behavior in the Symposium and Plato’s Analysis in the Laws Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Michael Erler
No 1(8) (2017) Aristotle and Tarski Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Jan Woleński
No 1(7) (2016) Aristotle in the 20th Century Philosophy – A Form of Sickness or Therapy? Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Paweł Bleja
No 1(7) (2016) Aristotle’s Book Delta of the Metaphysics. ΠΕΡΙ ΤΩΝ ΠΟΣΑΧΩΣ ΛΕΓΟΜΕΝΩΝ Η ΚΑΤΑ ΠΡΟΣΘΕΣΙΝ On Terms Which Are Said in Many Ways or by Virtue of Addition Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Marian Andrzej Wesoły
No 1(7) (2016) Aristotle’s Criticism of the Platonic Forms as Causes in De Generatione et Corruptione II 9. A Reading Based on Philoponus’ Exegesis Abstract   PDF
Melina G. Mouzala
No 1(8) (2017) Aristotle’s Criticism of the Platonic Idea of the Good in Nicomachean Ethics 1.6 Abstract   PDF
Melina G. Mouzala
No 1(7) (2016) Aristotle’s Lost Symposium and On Drunkenness. The Content of The Extant Testimonies and Excerpts Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Magdalena Jaworska-Wołoszyn
No 1(3) (2012) Aristotle’s Lost Work On Philosophy Abstract   PDF (Polish)
Artur Pacewicz
No 1(3) (2012) Aristotle’s Method of Understanding the First Principles of Natural Things in the Physics I.1 Abstract   PDF
Melina G. Mouzala
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