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Nr 7 (2014) Analysis and Assessment of Conclusions in the White Book regarding Threats and Challenges in EU Common Security and Defence Policy Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Sebastian Wojciechowski
Nr 7 (2014) Information Security as Exemplified by Clandestine Collaboration and Influence Exerted by the Polish Internal Security Agency Officers on Journalists - De Lege Lata and De Lege Ferenda Regulations Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Remigiusz Rosicki
Nr 7 (2014) The Iranian Foreign Policyin the Persian Gulf Region under the Rule of President Hassan Rouhani: Continuity of Change Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Przemysław Osiewicz
Nr 2 (2013) How Could We Explore the Terrorist Issue? Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Sebastian Wojciechowski
Nr 7 (2014) Refugee Question as an International Global Problem Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Anna Potyrała
Nr 7 (2014) Polish Civil Security in Regional Context Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Vera-Karin Brazova
Nr 7 (2014) A Method of Analysis of Acts of Unlawful Interference in Civil Aviation Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Adrian Siadkowski
Nr 7 (2014) The Need for Safety and the Development of Consumerism in Poland Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Eryk Pieszak
Nr 7 (2014) The Role of the European Union in Conflict Resolution in Africa: Towards Comprehensive, Integrated and Long-Term Commitment? Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Wojciech Forysiński
Nr 7 (2014) Continuity and Change in Turkish Foreign Policy During the JDP Governments Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Erhan Dogan
Nr 7 (2014) The Impact of Contemporary Environmental Migrations on International Security. Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Zofia Staszkiewicz
Nr 7 (2014) Humanitarian Intervention. Selected Aspects Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Edyta Kwiatkowska
Nr 7 (2014) Economic Security Policy as a Foundation of State Functioning Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Ireneusz Jaźwiński
Nr 7 (2014) The European Union’s Cohesion Policy and the Economic Security of Poland Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Waldemar Sługocki
Nr 7 (2014) Health Security in the White Book on National Security of the Republic of Poland – a Review of Provisions Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Mirosław Skarżyński
Nr 1 (2013) Regional Implications of the Arab Spring Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Marcin Tarnawski
Nr 1 (2013) Energy Safety: Politics and Diplomacy Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Michael Anokhin, Oleg Grishin
Nr 1 (2013) The Police Service as a Guardian of Public Security and Public Order in Contemporary Poland Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Włodzimierz Fehler
Nr 1 (2013) Oświęcim Declaration on the Human Right to Peace (16 May 2013) Szczegóły   PDF (English)
. .
Nr 2 (2013) Legal Foundations of the Human Right to Peace Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Carlos Villan-Duran
Nr 1 (2011) Contemporary Chechnya conflict – nation-liberation fight or terrorism Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Łukasz Donaj
Nr 1 (2011) Terrorist attacks versus acts of illegal interference in civil aviation. Implications for the functioning of airport critical infrastructure Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Adrian Siadkowski
Nr 2 (2012) A Troubled or a Troubling Candidate – Serbian Accession to the EU Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Vladimir Ðorðević
Nr 2 (2012) Energy Security – in a Clinch Between Politics and Business. Chosen Alternative Energy Solutions Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Łukasz Donaj
Nr 2 (2012) The Terrorism Virus: Contemporary Traits and Mechanisms Abstrakt   PDF (English)
Sebastian Wojciechowski
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