Refleksje. Pismo naukowe studentów i doktorantów WNPiD UAM <p class="oczasopismie"><strong>OPIS CZASOPISMA</strong><br>Czasopismo powstało w 2010 r. na Wydziale Nauk Politycznych i Dziennikarstwa Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu jako półrocznik. Tym, co odróżnia nas od innych czasopism naukowych, jest sprecyzowany temat przewodni każdego numeru: nie publikujemy wszystkich nadesłanych tekstów, bez względu na poruszane zagadnienie, a tylko te, które mieszczą się w zaproponowanych przez nas obszarach problemowych. Dotychczas nasi autorzy pisali o kondycji współczesnej Europy, opozycji i opozycyjności, relacji sportu i polityki, nowych mediach, gender studies, kryzysie światowym, stanie współczesnej politologii czy związkach polityki z kulturą.</p> <ul class="oczasopismie"> <li class="show"><a href="/index.php/r/about">POLITYKA FUNKCJONOWANIA CZASOPISMA</a></li> <li class="show"><a href="/index.php/r/issue/current">AKTUALNY NUMER</a></li> <li class="show"><a href="/index.php/r/issue/archive">ARCHIWUM</a></li> </ul> <div class="oczasopismie"><strong>INDEKSOWANE W: </strong>Google Scholar; WorldCat</div> <div class="oczasopismie"><strong>&nbsp;</strong></div> <div class="oczasopismie"><strong>WSKAŹNIKI OCENY CZASOPISMA: </strong></div> <div class="oczasopismie"> <p><img src="/public/piotr/ikonki/mnisw_3.png" alt=""><br><br><!--<img src="/public/piotr/ikonki/ic_6_21.png" alt="" />--></p> </div> <div class="oczasopismie"><strong>DOI: </strong>10.14746/r</div> <div class="oczasopismie"><strong>ISSN: </strong>2081-8270</div> <div class="oczasopismie"><strong>PRACE PUBLIKOWANE W CZASOPIŚMIE OD 2015 R. DOSTĘPNE SĄ NA LICENCJI CREATIVE COMMONS:</strong><br><a href=""><img src="/public/piotr/cc/cc_4_by_nd.png" alt="CC_by-nd/4.0" border="0"></a></div> pl-PL (Natalia Kusa) (Pressto) śro, 31 paź 2018 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Siła przemocy Natlia Kusa Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:19 +0000 Swój „Obcy”. Wewnętrzni uchodźcy w Gruzji <p>Strangers in their own country. Internally Displaced Persons After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia participated in the armed conflicts over South Ossetia (1991-1992 and 2008) and Abkhazia (1992-1993). As a consequence, Georgia had to accept forced displaced persons. The following thesis focuses on the Abkhazian conflict, its causes and effects. The thesis is based on the analysis of the specific situation of IDPs which has gone on since 1993. The thesis describes the living conditions and prospects of the group of Abkhazian Georgians who were displaced within the territory of their own country and became internally displaced persons.</p> Stanisława Budzisz-Cysewska Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:19 +0000 Konteksty oraz uwarunkowania ruchu separatystycznego we wschodnim regionie Ukrainy w 2014 roku <p>In this paper was taken an attempt to research the causes of separatism in the Donbass based on a multi-faceted inquiry. Donbass has always been a key region in Ukraine. In many cases here were decided the political and economic destiny of the state. This region is the most socially and economically diversified. Donbass is a place of the most dangerous working conditions and the enormous social inequalities in Ukraine.</p><p>In 2014 after the events at the Euromaidan Donbass was a field of fighting between the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed separatists. The issue of separatism in Ukraine remains unresolved.</p> Andrzej Gladii Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:20 +0000 WOJNA W IRAKU W ŚWIETLE DOKTRYNY BUSHA <p>The article presents changes in American foreign policy after 11th 2001 and is concerned the George W. Bush’s Middle East policy. The goal of the text is presenting how the Bush doctrine leaded to war in Iraq. After the short introduction about US Middle East policy the text explains fundamental parts of doctrine and describes the most important G. W. Bush speeches and National Security Strategies from 2002 and 2006. This part is dedicated on war on terror, axis of evil and preventive war. The next part try to identify actual and the official and publically stated causes the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The article ends with the analysis the cost of Iraq war.</p> Piotr Kaczmarek Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:20 +0000 Spór między partiami politycznymi dotyczący metody podziału mandatów podczas prac nad projektem Kodeksu wyborczego <p>The article concerns the political dispute, the subject of which was a selection method for the allocation of seats during elections in Poland. The conflict concerned the modified Sainte-Laguë method or maintain its current d'Hondt system. The author divided the two parties to the conflict: large and small political parties. This article aims to analyze the causes, course and consequences of the political dispute on the method for the distribution of seats during the work of the Special Committee for consideration of some draft laws in the field of electoral law. The construction of the article consists of the following parts: 1) introduction; 2) disputed the method of distribution of mandates; 3) Left and Democrats as the initiator of the conflict ?; 4) experts Party as a point of reference; 5) Touring the political parties concerning the subject of the dispute; 6) summary.</p> Krzysztof Korycki Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:21 +0000 Retoryka map politycznych. Spory terytorialne w kontekście geoinformacyjnym <p class="TreA">Geoinformation Science in the twenty-first century has become an integral part of our lives. GPS navigation, exploration of cities via Street View or GeoTagging are just a few examples of modern cartography. In China, access to spatial data as well as to media reports is a subject to government control. Presented maps thus reflect a vision of the world seen through the eyes of the CCP. New law not only gives great opportunities for development of Chinese GIS, but also outlines the borders of the country, illustrating the political aspirations of the Middle Kingdom.</p> Natalia Miłkowska Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:21 +0000 TRZY POLA KONFLIKTU PRZEZ TRZY DZIESIĘCIOLECIA. TRUDNOŚCI W RELACJACH MIĘDZY KOŚCIOŁEM KATOLICKIM A III RP <p>Author describes relationships between catholic church and state through the lens of the three conflicts that have developed since III RP inception. The first conflict concerns financial issues, the second affects education, the third applies to bioethics. Given the lack of visible political will, it is hard to expect that relations between church and state will be deeply corrected. As a result, we should be prepared for new conflict to appear.</p><p> </p> Kinga Przybysz Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:22 +0000 Wojna hybrydowa jako nowe zjawisko w sztuce wojennej XXI wieku <p>This article provides an insight into a new type of war - a hybrid war, which manifest itself through actions of Russia on the area of Eastern Ukraine. The author makes an attempt to classify hybrid war among other armed conflicts defined in the study of international security and relations, simultaneously trying to determine characteristic features of this phenomenon. The author hypothesize that deeper research into the problem may result in the necessity of creating new evaluative framework other than the one used for the conventional conflicts.</p> Przemysław Renn Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:22 +0000 O węgierskiej krwi w wodzie, czyli konflikt Węgry – ZSRR a Letnie Igrzyska Olimpijskie w 1956 roku <p>In 1956, the Games of the XVI Olympiad in Melbourne coincided with the Hungarian Revolution, an attempt of the Hungarians to free themselves from the Soviet domination, eventually suppressed by an armed intervention of the Soviet Army. During the semi-final water polo match between USSR and Hungary the players came to blows. The Hungarian Ervin Zádor was punched by a Soviet team player and his blood coloured the water in the pool red. The match ultimately ended in a victory for Hungary. The main goal of the article is to describe the conflict between Hungary and the USSR which had its tragic final in a sport match at the Melbourne Olympic Games. The 1956 Olympic Games showed to what extent political conflicts are mirrored in sport. Hungarians wanted to show they were a free nation and that they would never accept the political sway of Moscow over their country.</p> Mateusz Rozmiarek, Adam Szabelski Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:22 +0000 Działania Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych na rzecz dekolonizacji i pokoju w Saharze Zachodniej <p>The author examines the role of the United Nations in process of decolonisation of the Western Sahara. The article describes a modern history of Western Sahara focusing on the UN’s policies and activities related to this basing on resolutions, reports and other documents of the organization.</p><p>The aim of the article is to present UN’s decolonisation and conflict resolution activities in Western Sahara. The text shows that the UN has remarkable achievements concerning the people of Sahara, although the main aim – self-determination of Sahrawi people by referendum – currently is unattainable because of idleness of great powers and firm stance of occupying state – the Kingdom of Morocco.</p> Maciej Skuczyński Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:23 +0000 Teoretyczne i metodologiczne trudności w badaniach nad konfliktami zbrojnymi w naukach społecznych. Przykład Kolumbii. <p>The article carries out a reflection on practical, theoretical and methodological problems faced by social science researchers investigating armed conflicts. Based on Colombia’s ongoing internal war, the paper will discuss the difficulties in data collection (including source selection and information extraction), data sharing and the limitations of exiting theoretical language. It will also exploit other related factors such as the fragmentation of sociological research and the growth of publications regarding the conflict, violence, and the peace processes initiating in Colombia. In the presented article, the author analysis both governmental and non-governmental reports and also outlines several key cultural and political issues affecting data collection and their further publication in Colombia.</p> Karolina Wereta Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:23 +0000 Wokół publikacji Wydawnictwa Karakter The purpose of this draft is to invite readers to read several novels, which Wydawnictwo Karakter from Cracow in the past few years introduced on the Polish publishing market. Joanna Ros explains why Karakter, popularizing the work of African writers, does the fancies of Albert Camus a favour. The novels cited by Joanna Roś testify to the fact that their authors are well acquainted with the literature of the author of <em>The Plague</em> and propose a completely new and unexpected encounters with it in the pages of his own works. Joanna Roś Copyright (c) 2018 śro, 31 paź 2018 10:26:24 +0000