The Karaite Jewish community in Israel (20th and 21st centuries)

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Moshe Firrouz


The academic world has at its disposal a vast quantity of resources concerning the history and culture of the Karaite Jewish community. These resources include Biblical manuscripts, works on Biblical exegesis and Halakhah (Jewish law), grammatical texts, letters on community affairs, wedding contracts and other important texts that shed much light upon Karaite religious observance, history, and culture. The aim of this paper is to present to the reader in a concise manner the facts regarding the development of the Karaite Jewish community in Israel in the 20th and 21st century. In addition, it endeavors to describe the relationship between the KaraiteJewish community and other communities, in particular the Rabbinate Jewish community in Israel and the USA.


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Firrouz, M. (2013). The Karaite Jewish community in Israel (20th and 21st centuries). Karaite Archives, (1), 45–58.
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Moshe Firrouz, Ben-Gurion University

(b. 1972, Or-Yehudah, Israel) holds degrees in Nuclear Engineering (B.Sc.) and Management & Safety Engineering (M.Sc.) from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva. Moshe Firrouz is currently acting as the Chief Rabbi of the Karaite Jewish community in Israel, and as the Vice-Chancellor of theKaraite Jewish University, in which he teaches part of the Introduction to Judaism Course. In 2013, he started Ph.D. studies at Ben-Gurion University under the guidance of Prof Daniel J. Lasker. His dissertation title is: “Studies in the Karaite Sage Judah Hadassi’s Sefer Eshkol ha-Kofer (The Book of Cluster of Henna Blossoms)”.


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