Some remarks on plant art

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Anna Zeidler-Janiszewska


The author analyzes artistic practices associated with the natural world, “from land art to garden art”. In an overview of historical currents in art (since the 1960s), plant art is highlighted as an instrument of critique of land art, and a self-standing current which, among other things, addresses social issues and ecological threats. The author also analyzes specific examples of garden-related artistic practices within the cityscape, considering the criteria under which certain projects can be seen as successful (models to emulate). The text concludes with open-ended questions about the place of plant art in present-day critical discourses, i.e. with respect to landscape architecture, bioart, and technonature.


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Zeidler-Janiszewska, A. (2019). Some remarks on plant art. Polish Journal of Landscape Studies, 1(2-3), 21-25.


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