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This is an introductory piece that sets up the scene for a special issue of Society Register dedicated to Language, Discourse and Society. It aims to briefly discuss the context, the aims of the issue and the content of accepted articles. The articles included in this issue were first presented at the ISA RC 25 Mid-term Conference in Warsaw. The conference took place at the Maria Grzegorzewska University in September 2019 with the support of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Polish Commission for UNESCO, ISA RC 25, ISA RC 32 and the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair in Social Pedagogy.


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CASSILDE, S., & SMITH, D. (2020). EDITORIAL. Society Register, 4(1), 7-10. https://doi.org/10.14746/sr.2020.4.1.01
Author Biographies

STÉPHANIE CASSILDE, Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship

Stéphanie Cassilde is president of the Research Committee 25 “Language and Society” of the International Sociological Association. She is a research scholar at the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, researcher at ASBL Comme Chez Nous, and invited professor at SMAG/CRiDIS UCLouvain in Belgium.

DARRICK SMITH, University of San Francisco

Darrick Smith is associate professor of Leadership Studies at University of San Francisco, USA.


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