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No 1(8) (2017)

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Marian Andrzej Wesoły’s Publications PDF (Polish)
Mikołaj Domaradzki 23-38
Ilias und Odyssee: zwei Epen, zwei Welten PDF (Deutsch)
Thomas Alexander Szlezák 39-52
The Concept of ‘Matter’ in Archaic Greece, 1: Khaos/Aèr in Hesiod’s Theogony PDF (Italiano)
Giovanni Cerri 53-80
Tales z Miletu o wodzie PDF
Ryszard Legutko 81-90
Melissus and the Problem of the Void: Apology and/or Misapprehension of the Parmenidean Monism? PDF (Italiano)
Enrico Volpe 91-106
Melissus, Time and Eternity PDF (Italiano)
Massimo Pulpito 107-124
The Presence and Figures of the Others in Democritus’ Ethics PDF (Français)
André Motte 125-140
Life, Birth and Death in Democritus. Atomistic Reflections Between Physics and Ethics PDF
Miriam Campolina Diniz Peixoto 141-154
Trilemmas: Gorgias’ PTMO Between Zeno and Melissus PDF (Italiano)
Livio Rossetti 155-172
Orthotes and Diairesis of Names. The Question of Method in Prodicus PDF (Italiano)
Aldo Brancacci 173-186
Prodicus at the Crossroads. Once Again on the Antilogy PDF (Italiano)
Stefania Giombini 187-200
Soul, Triangle and Virtue. On the Figure of Implicit Comparison in Plato’s Meno PDF (Italiano)
Lidia Palumbo 201-212
Argument and Performance: Alcibiades’ Behavior in the Symposium and Plato’s Analysis in the Laws PDF (Deutsch)
Michael Erler 213-224
On the Epistemic Value of Eros. The Relationship Between Socrates and Alcibiades PDF
Laura Candiotto 225-236
The Refutation of Gorgias: Notes on a Contradiction PDF
Refik Güremen 237-248
Pragmatic Rhetorical Principles in Isocrates PDF
Gerardo Ramírez Vidal 249-260
Aristotle and Tarski PDF (Polish)
Jan Woleński 261-270
A Reply to John Dudley on Aristotle, Physics 2.5, 196b17 PDF (Italiano)
Giovanna R. Giardina 271-288
The Scope of Corrective Justice in Aristotle’s Ethics PDF (Polish)
Włodzimierz Galewicz 289-308
Aristotle’s Criticism of the Platonic Idea of the Good in Nicomachean Ethics 1.6 PDF
Melina G. Mouzala 309-342
Aristotle’s πόλις: The Political Community as a Common Project PDF (Polish)
Leszek Skowroński 343-358
The Practical-Technical Reason in the Aristotelian Concept of the Faculties of the Soul PDF (Polish)
Aleksandra Mathiesen 359-370
On the Origins of the Word "Substance" PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Maryniarczyk 371-378
Τὸ καλόν as a Criterion for Evaluating Innovation (τὸ καινόν) in Greek Theory of Musical Education: “Ancient” versus “New” Music in Ps. Plut. De musica PDF (Italiano)
Antonietta Gostoli 379-390
Evil as Privation in Neoplatonism. Simplicius and Philoponus in Defense of Matter PDF (Italiano)
R. Loredana Cardullo 391-408
Ernest Renan and Marcus Aurelius: On the End of the Ancient World PDF (Français)
Maria Protopapas-Marneli 409-422
Byzantinism and Rationality: Julien Benda and Constantine Tsatsos PDF (Français)
George Arabatzis 423-446
Marian Wesoły’s Greek Philosophy in Byzantium PDF (Polish)
Magdalena Jaworska-Wołoszyn 447-458

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