W.Y. Evans Wentz the Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries (1911) Letters from Evans Wentz to Sophia Morrison (1910-12)


The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
W.Y. Evans Wentz (1878-1965)
Sophia Morrison (1859-1917)
Isle of Man

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Rbv, S. M. (2021). W.Y. Evans Wentz the Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries (1911) Letters from Evans Wentz to Sophia Morrison (1910-12). Studia Celtica Posnaniensia, 6(1), 1–16. https://doi.org/10.2478/scp-2021-0001


Walter Yeeling Evans Wentz (1878-1965), is known for The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries published by Oxford University Press in 1911. Wentz’s personally gathered fairy beliefs in each of the six Celtic lands and the selections that appeared in The Fairy-Faith were introduced by a prominent figure in the Celtic Revival. In the case of the Isle of Man, it was Sophia Morrison (1859-1917), a leading light in the Manx Language Revival. Wentz had visited the Island late in 1909 during December. Discarded by Wentz at some stage were the letters, drafts, and proofs of The Fairy-Faith. That said, ten letters are extant from Wentz to Morrison and they are presented here in full following an introduction to set them in context and with a brief description of their salient content. They show the work that went into Morrison’s introduction, the editorial to-ing and fro-ing involved, and also the progress of The Fairy- Faith itself through Wentz’s own comments to Morrison.



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