Arne Naess: A Tragic Ecosophy

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Ambra Troiano


Arne Naess was one of the first philosopher who try to find out a way to resolve the ecological crisis through philosophy. By analysing some of the main point of Naess‘ philosophy, the essay shows that his main interest was to legitimize the ecological movement. Philosophy becomes a political instrument and assumes a tragical character, because it takes on an impossible project. For Naess philosophy should provide a new total view to change man‘s attitude to nature. This analysis could help us to find out some critical points of a philosophy that try to be useful in the ecological crisis.


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Troiano, A. (2019). Arne Naess: A Tragic Ecosophy. ETHICS IN PROGRESS, 10(1), 142-152.
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Ambra Troiano, Università di Torino

Ambra Troiano graduated cum laude at University of Turin in Philosophy and History of Ideas with a master thesis in History of Science titled “Un volto dell'antropologia criminale. La pratica della fisiognomica nella scienza lombrosiana”. In 2018 she was recipient of a scholarship at Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici in Naples, where she continued to study the nineteenth century in Italy. Nowadays she is also interested in evironmental philosophy, in particular in the work of the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess.


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