Manlighet i kris? Några anmärkningar om mans-porträtt i tre populärlitterära romaner

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Katarzyna Szymoniak


The aim of this article is to c cconfront Susan Faludi’s and Thomas Johansson’s theory concerning the masculinity crisis with images of men presented in modern Swedish popular literature. The masculinity crisis theory has risen in relation to feminism and presents the crisis manifesting itself in men’s difficulties in building deep relationships as a consequence of fear of getting close with other people, fears of not living up to the idea of an ideal man and loneliness. Three contemporary Swedish popular novels: Pappadagar i Råttans år (Paternity leave in Rat Year) by Daniel Möllberg (2007), Vi som aldrig sa hora (We who have never said whore) by Ronnie Sandahl (2007) and Vi har redan sagt hej då (We have already said good bye) by Daniel Åberg (2010) have been analysed in the light of the masculinity crisis theory. The analysis focuses on presentation of male characters in those novels, feelings they experience and ways of coping with their personal crisis. The author points out that men’s problems as claimed by the masculinity crisis theory are reflected in the analysed novels to some extent. However, since the characters are able to overcome adversities, one cannot unambiguously state that their masculinity is in crisis.


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