Anti-Communism and the Struggle for the Renewal of Communism

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Tymoteusz Kochan




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Kochan, T. (2019). Anti-Communism and the Struggle for the Renewal of Communism. Praktyka Teoretyczna, 31(1), 169–173.
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Tymoteusz Kochan

Tymoteusz Kochan (1990) – Marxist philosopher and sociologist, cultural critic and columnist. PhD candidate at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Szczecin. The editor of the peer-reviewed journal of philosophy “Nowa Krytyka”, leader of the “Marxist Critique Group” and the editor-in-chief of the Marxist website “Socjalizm Teraz”. Member of the organising committee of the interdisciplinary academic conference organised by the journal “Nowa Krytyka” and the University of Szczecin on the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and devoted to his philosophical oeuvre. The conference was illegally interrupted by the police intervention at the conference university’s venue.