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Kontemplacja Boga u św. Augustyna w perspektywie ewolucji jego filozofii




The article is a brief survey of the view of Augustine on the contemplation of God from the point of view of the evolution of his thought, since the early period, when it was dominated by Plotinus and his Neoplatonism, until the mature phase, when the emphasis on the Scripture became much more signifi cant. Augustine’s mysticism seems to be a synthesis of a more metaphysical, Neoplatonic experience of God as the ground of being with a relational, love mysticism, based on the experience of God as “Thou”. Even though the relational dimension is present in Augustine’s mysticism from the very beginning it becomes much more important in his later works.

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Augustyn; Plotyn; kontemplacja; mistycyzm; ćwiczenia duchowe

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