Z dziejów seminariów warszawskich w dawnej diecezji poznańskiej. Biskupi oraz inni przedstawiciele znamienitych rodów doby staropolskiej w gronie wychowanków seminarium externum i seminarium internum Misjonarzy św. Wincentego à Paulo przy kościele Świętego Krzyża w Warszawie (1675/1676-1864/1865)

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Krzysztof R. Prokop


Until 1798 Warsaw remained in the diocese of Poznań despite taking over from Cracow numerous functions of a capital city in the 17th and 18th centuries (nominally it never became the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). During this time two seminaries ran by the Missionaries of St. Vincent de Paul functioned in Warsaw: Seminarium Internum and Seminarium Externum. They were founded in 1675-1676 and educated – especially the latter one – a large group of clergy who later held prominent positions in the structures of the Catholic Church on Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian soil. Among the seminary’s graduates were 66 future bishops (only eight of them underwent formation in Seminarium Internum), who were to minister as ordinaries or suffragans in a majority of dioceses then existing within the borders of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (and also on the territory of historical Greater Poland).

                Both of the above mentioned theological institutes located in Warsaw continued to function for some decades after the collapse of the pre-partition Polish-Lithuanian state (by then already within the Warsaw diocese and from 1818 in the Warsaw archdiocese). Their existence came to an end in 1864 as a result of repressions by Russian administration after the collapse of the January Uprising. In this second period of the seminaries’ operation the number of alumni who later filled episcopal offices was markedly lower, the last one being the future Gniezno-Poznań metropolitan and cardinal, Mieczysław Ledóchowski, whose name stands out illustriously in the history of the Church in Greater Poland. 


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Prokop, K. R. (2018). Z dziejów seminariów warszawskich w dawnej diecezji poznańskiej. Biskupi oraz inni przedstawiciele znamienitych rodów doby staropolskiej w gronie wychowanków seminarium externum i seminarium internum Misjonarzy św. Wincentego à Paulo przy kościele Świętego Krzyża w Warszawie (1675/1676-1864/1865). Ecclesia. Studia Z Dziejów Wielkopolski, (11), 153-191. https://doi.org/10.14746/e.2016.11.6


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  99. SOSNKOWSKI „R.D. Casimirus Sosnkowski, canonicus regularis, professus in Czerwińsk. Clericus quatuor minor[um] ord[inum, deinde] subdiaconus. Adventus 5. Novembris 1782. In pensione. [Postea] presbyter et praepositus S[ancti] Georgii Varsaviae C[anonicorum] R[egularium] L[ateranensium].” (k. 47r).
  100. STADNICKI „R.D. Antonius de Zmigrod Stadnicki, canonicus Leopoliensis; venit anno 1690, die 8. Februarii, abiit 1691, d[ie] 21. Februarii” (k. 4r).
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  103. • „R.D. Jacobus Szczuka, venit anno 1689, die 15. Octobris; abiit [brak daty]” (k. 4r).
  104. • „R.D. Jacobus Szczuka, clericus Culmensis; venit 1703, d[ie] 25. Novembris, abiit 1704, 4. Maii, Parisios” (k. 6v).
  105. • „R.D. Joannes Szczuka, nepos reverendissimi abbatis Paradisiensis, dioec[esis] Luceoriensis; venit anno 1681, die 26. Maii, abiit 1683, 27. Novembris” (k. 2v).
  106. • „R.D. Paulus Szczuka, clericus 4. minorum ord[inum dioecesis] Plocensis; venit 1713, 25. Septembris, abiit 1715, 15. Aprilis” (k. 8r).
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  108. • „R.D. Franciscus Szembek, dioec[esis] Cracoviensis; venit anno 1691, die 23. Martii, abiit [brak daty]” (k. 4r).
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  111. SZEPTYCKI „R.D. [brak imienia] Szeptycki, ex archidioec[esi] Leopoliensi, natus 8. Novembris 1747. Clericus 4. min[orum] ord[inum]. Susceptus 23. Septembris 1771. In pensione extraordinaria. Sufficienter capax, applicativus et satis exemplaris. Callet linguas Gallicam et Italicam. Promotus est ad maiores ordines et presbyteratum in Quadragesima 1772. Abiit ex seminario breviter post Festa Paschalia 1772” (k. 40r).
  112. TARNOWSKI „R.D. Alexander Tarnawski [sic], canonicus Gnesnensis; venit anno 1691, die 23. Februarii, abiit [brak daty]” (k. 4r).
  113. TYSZKIEWICZ „R.D. Felicianus Tyszkiewicz, clericus 4. min[orum] ord[inum], dioecesis Vilnensis, annorum 18. Venit die 23. Julii a[nno] D[omini] 1743. Philosophiae auditor et post vacationes sacrae eloquentiae. Pensionarius. Factus est cancellarius capituli Samogitiensis 1745, mense Martio. Ad propria profectus est anno 1745, mense Maio. Negligens in studiis fuit” (k. 18r).
  114. URBAŃSKI „R.D. Adamus Urbanski, acolythus, dioec[esis] Premisliensis, venit 1740, 3. Septembris. Pensionarius” [brak daty odejścia] (k. 16v). „R.D. Adamus Urbanski, [dioecesis] Premisliensis, natus 19. Aprilis 1716. Rediit 27. Septembris 1741. Pensionarius. Abiit pro vacationibus in Julio 1742. Deposuit vestes clericales et assumpsit habitum saecularem” (k. 17r).
  115. WESSEL „R.D. Bartholomaeus Wessel, dioec[esis] Plocensis; venit 1737, 20. Augusti, abiit 1738, 7. Augusti. Pensionarius” (k. 15r). „R.D. Bartholomaeus Wessel, acolythus, dioec[esis] Plocensis; rediit 1738, 3. Octobris, abiit 1739, 2. Augusti. Pensionarius” (k. 15v). „R.D. Bartholomaeus Wessel, dioec[esis] Plocensis, clericus 4. minor[um] ordin[um]. Rediit 7. Octobris 1742. Pensionarius. Abiit sine reditu d[ie] 1ma Decembris 1742 anno adhuc acolythus” (k. 17v).
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