Juli/August 2021, in Konstanz, Germany

Moral-democratic competence is urgently needed. Democracy, as a way of living together (John Dewey), is not easy. While most, if not all, of us esteem the moral ideal of democracy, we find it often very difficult, if not impossible, to solve the problems and conflicts that this ideals inevitably produces. How should we decide, when we cannot be just without lying, or cannot be free without being unjust, or cannot be truthful without ending a cooperation? How can we find a solution by thinking and discussion only, instead of using brute force, or deceiving others and ourselves, or by bowing down to some authority, letting them decide for us what is right or wrong?

As research shows, most people lack moral-democratic competence. They did not have the opportunity to develop this ability and thus cannot solve the moral dilemmas of democratic life without resorting to violence, deceit or submission to an authority. Hence, they tend to pursue moral ideals with immoral means. Hence, they would behave morally, if they would have the opportunity to develop their moral-democratic competence. As Socrates states: Those who really understand what the right thing to do is, cannot help but do it.

The Symposium brings together scholars and practitioners who have taken up Socrates' insight. They present correlational and experimental studies as well as practical experiences, which deepen our understanding of the meaning and relevance of moral-democratic competence, as well as our methods to foster it.

Dr. Lind offers a 3.5 day pre-symposium workshop, where you can learn how to foster moral-democratic competence effectively and with little costs of time and money, with the Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion (KMDD). It is part of the training and certification program for becoming a "KMDD-Teacher."

Both events are hosted by the Institute for Moral-Democratic Competence (IMDC) under development.

For more information, dates and research ideas, see the symposium web-site: http://moralcompetence.net orcontact Dr. Georg Lind: LindGeorg@posteo.de