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Nihilism and the Problem of Future: Biodiversity Destruction As One of the Great Dangers of Technology?

Jelson Oliveira


Starting from the example of the Amazon, in Brazil, we intend to
analyse how technology (mainly in its biotechnological face) appears as a
threat to biodiversity, insofar as it acts through a reduction and
standardization: technology needs to reduce diversity to something knowable
to be able to control and exploit, in view of human necessities. In this sense,
according to Hans Jonas, it is necessary to ask about the horizon of the future
giving preference to the negative prognosis (fear rather than hope) to avoid
that the harmful consequences of nihilism (marked by the absence of criteria
capable of guiding technological action) affect life decisively. In this case, the
Enhancement project proposed by transhumanism appears as yet another
chapter in the history of risks represented by modern technology


biodiversity, biotechnology, nihilism, Hans Jonas

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