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Vol 8, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Editors’ Introduction. Futures: Imagining the World of Tomorrow PDF
Roberto Franzini Tibaldeo, Cristina Rebuffo, Luisa Maggio 3-11

Core topics-related articles

Man and Future: a Palaeontological and Chronological Foundation of Cassirer's Definition of Man as Animal Symbolicum PDF
Luigi Laino 12-40
Life’s Forces That Sustain and Drive Our Existence Towards. Efforts of Steering One’s Life Through Time PDF
Bianca Bellini 41-61
Confessione e biografia: per un avvenire fondato nella storia. Note a partire da Jacques Derrida e Jean-Luc Marion PDF
Francesca Peruzzotti 62-75
Le présent altéré PDF
Gemma Serrano 76-89
Limit and Creation. Towards an Ethic of Self-Limitation in the Digital Era PDF
Alessandro De Cesaris 90-101
Digital Platforms: A New Grammar for Territories? PDF
Stéphane Grumbach 102-117
Costruire scenari per il futuro PDF
Silvano Tagliagambe 118-147
Nihilism and the Problem of Future: Biodiversity Destruction As One of the Great Dangers of Technology? PDF
Jelson Oliveira 148-156
Social Dilemmas in Environmental Economics and Policy Considerations: A Review PDF
Nicola Cerutti 157-174
Legami capaci di futuro: dalle basi intersoggettive dello sviluppo della persona all’esperienza dello “stare” in relazione. Attaccamento, fiducia, desiderio e cura nei rapporti interpersonali PDF
Gian Sandro Lerda 175-197
The Right Book to Help Our Ailing Society to Recover PDF
Roma Kriaučiuniene 198-207
Moral Competence and Aggression Prevention. Updating MCT Pilot Studies Inspired by Georg Lind’s Book How to Teach Morality. Promoting Deliberation and Discussion, Reducing Violence and Deceit (2016) PDF
Ewa Nowak, Adrianna Urbańska 208-226
For a Future Free of Violence: Moral Competencies As a Means of Emancipation and Self-Empowerment PDF
Joanna Dutka 227-242
The Struggle of Educating. And of Being “A Grown-up” PDF
Federico Zamengo 243-253
Philosophy for Communites al Liceo “Govone” di Mondovì (Italy) PDF
Silvia Bevilacqua, Pierpaolo Casarin 254-264
Chinese Adolescents’ Moral Reasoning of Rights Attitudes and Psychological Well-Being PDF
Shaogang Yang, Sharon To, Charles T. Helwig 265-280

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