Why Is Recreational Hunting a Moral Evil?

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Anna Szklarska


The paper reviews the recent book edited by Dorota Probucka, entitled The Ethical Condemnation of Hunting (in Polish: Etyczne potępienie myślistwa), Universitas Press, Kraków 2020, pp. 426. Probucka is one of the most prominent Polish experts in animal studies, especially in applied ethics and the field of animal rights (e.g., Probucka 2018a, 2018b, 2017). The discussed monograph encompasses the contributions of 19 authors representing 9 universities from Poland and abroad. Their core issue of consideration was the topical problem of hunting, examined from various perspectives: ethical and legal, psychological, social and cultural, both on the theoretical level and in relation to the practice of hunting. This review focuses on the core arguments against hunting and discusses them in detail.
The Ethics in Progress journal had the honour of contributing to the media patronage of Dorota Probucka’s et al. edition.


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Szklarska, A. (2020). Why Is Recreational Hunting a Moral Evil?. ETHICS IN PROGRESS, 11(2), 70-79. https://doi.org/10.14746/eip.2020.2.7
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Anna Szklarska, Pedagogical University of Cracow

Anna Szklarska, PhD and assistant professor at the Chair of Social Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Pedagogical University in Cracow, Poland. Her research interests include Ethics, history of philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture, and bioethics. She has authored numerous articles and books, including Identity, Violence, Religion. The Dilemmas of Modern Philosophy of Man (2014, in Engl.) and Justice in Times of Crisis (2015).


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