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The Department of Methodology of History and History of Historiography began functioning at Lublin’s Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Institute of History in 1987. Th e establishment of the Department was initiated by Professor Jan Pomorski, who became its Head and has since held this position. Other faculty members are: Dr Ewa Solska, Dr Hab. Piotr Witek and Dr Hab. Marek Woźniak, Associate Professor.

The Department embraces historians, theorists of history science, methodologists of sciences, whose methodological style and training developed under infl uence of the Poznań Methodology School ( Jerzy Topolski, Jerzy Kmita, Anna Pałubicka), Andrzej F. Grabski’s model of history of historiography, Robert A. Rosenstone’s visual history, the social constructivism of Nelson Goodman, Peter L. Berger and Th omas Luckman or Stanley Fish, the neopragmatism of Richard Rorty and Hilary Putnam, Th omas Kuhn’s historicism, the poststructuralism of Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault, the hermeneutics of Hans Georg Gadamer and Paul Ricoeur, the cognitive grammar of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, the narrativism of Hayden White and Franklin Ankersmit, Cliff ord Geertz’s interpretive anthropology, and the tradition of the Lvov Warsaw School (Alfred Tarski, Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, Roman Ingarden) and analytical philosophy.

Th e teachers of the Department of Methodology of History conduct research in the following fi elds: methodology of history, history of historiography, neuroscience in the context of humanistic research, visual history, public history, digital humanities, cognitive science, and contemporary theories of literature. Th ey conduct classes with students in methodology of history, history of historiography, history of philosophy, production of historical films, in designing historical games, knowledge of museums, and introduction to media studies. The Department’s faculty are co-originators and co-authors of programs taught at two specializations in historical studies: Management of Cultural Heritage and Commercialization of Historical Knowledge, and Applied History. Both specializations train and prepare students to practice history in the field of public history.

The teachers of the UMCS Department of Methodology of History together with its doctoral and graduate students eff ectively collaborate with many methodological and historiographical centers in Poland and abroad. They successfully develop and bring into effect Professor Jerzy Topolski’s idea of the need to carry out theoretical refl ection on academic historiography (research practice of historians), broadening it with considerations on public history.

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Department of Methodology of History; UMCS; Methodology of History; History of Historiography; Lublin

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