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Wiktor Werner


Article will address the issue of changes in national identity in Poland in the 20th and 21st centuries. Issue will be considered with the importance of territory in the sense of man’s national identity – this will apply to territories which became a part of the Polish state aft er World War II: in particular, the lower Silesia. Th e main problem will be, therefore, the presence in the common consciousness concepts describing nationality in relation to the category of territory. Area of empirical research will be artefacts of mass culture – and specifi cally Polish popular literature resulting in the mentioned time.


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Wiktor Werner, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

Associate professor at Adam Mickiewicz University (Faculty of History). Research interests: methodology of history, history of historiography, the history of science (XVIII-XX.), history of mass culture (XIX-XXI centuries.) Th e author of four books: Introduction to the history, Warsaw 2012; Th e historicity of culture. Looking for mental foundations of contemporary historiography, Poznań 2009, (with Iwona Werner) From soul to the consciousness, fr om the individual to society. Sketches of intellectual history, Poznań 2008; The Cult of the idea of “beginnings”. Historical struggles with the time, religion and origins. Sketches from the history of Polish and foreign historiography, Poznań 2004.


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