Authors Guidelines

The Studia Historiae Oeconomicae is a peer-review publication, and the papers received are submitted to double-blind refereeing.

The referral process is blind and is supervised by the Editors.

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The editors of SHO accept for publication in the journal original, previously unpublished, problem and review articles on economic and social history, in accordance with the subject matter specified each time in Call for Papers. The journal is open to both research and theoretical texts. The journal is open to both research and theoretical texts. In accordance with its mission, the SHO consistently promotes the idea of interdisciplinary research on economic history. Because of it, each issue is dedicated to a different topic and in results each issues is a platform that brings together socio-economic historians from various departments, including economic, social, humanities and history from around the world.

SHO is an annual published in collaboration with Sciendo De Gruyter. The editorial office accepts texts in Polish and English. Articles are published in English. The journal is published in a printed and electronic version.
All SHO articles are published under the Open Access clause: they undergo a full peer review process, are freely available on the Sciendo and PressTo platforms, can be freely downloaded from the Sciendo and PressTo platforms, and can be used under a chosen Creative Commons user license.

1) Submitting the text by the Author (text and statements regarding consent to the rules of ethics and related to the open access system).
2) Editors’ decision on compliance or non-compliance with the journal’s profile.
3) Removal of the author’s identification data from the text.
4) Submitting the text for evaluation by two independent Reviewers.
5) Providing the Editorial Board with the prepared opinions.
6) Sending the opinions of the Reviewers to the author of the text.
7) The Author’s response to the opinions of the Reviewers.
8) The Editor’s final decision to accept or reject the text for publication.
9) Technical and language editing.
10) Approval or rejection by the Author of the text after technical and linguistic editing.
11) Publication on the Sciendo and PressTo platform.
12) Print publication.

Editorial rules established in periodical Studia Historiae Oeconomicae

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