2021 December 29

ENTREPRENEURSHIP, regardless of whether it is treated as a characteristic of active and innovative individuals and institutions, or a process aimed at the market and commercial use of an innovative idea, has been one of the most important factors causing economic changes and contributing to the “wealth and poverty of nations” since the dawn of time. ENTREPRENEURSHIP is therefore an important subject of research by economists, economic historians, sociologists, social psychologists and cultural anthropologists. Its role is not diminishing in spite of rapidly changing technical, economic, social, cultural and political conditions. Also nowadays ENTREPRENEURSHIP, both individually and institutionally, remains one of the main factors responsible for the creation of new products, organizational solutions and markets. ENTREPRENEURSHIP is one of the engines of economic development.

Research on entrepreneurship deserves to be continued for both cognitive and practical reasons. Knowledge of the various manifestations of entrepreneurship and its determinants, both in relation to successful and unsuccessful undertakings, may become the basis for explaining the mechanisms of the economy and training managerial staff.


The broadly understood ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the subject of the next 40 volume of the journal Studia Historiae Oeconimicae (Overview - Studia Historiae Oeconomicae (

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