Faith as a Choice Rooted in Existential Free Will.
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Baranowska, A. (2013). Faith as a Choice Rooted in Existential Free Will. Filozofia Chrześcijańska, 10, 75–81.


In her philosophical and theological thought Edith Stein tackles the question of faith. Trying to find most of its constitutive elements, she considers it within a frame of human freedom. She states that faith, internal human willingness to take an act of faith and the freedom of choice are the essential foundation for the grace on the basis of which the existential relationship between God and man can be established. Edith Stein confirms that human free will, which is supported only by human effort, is not able to bring a person to make an act of faith. It can only arouse willingness to do it, but does not build a relationship. However, the same grace of God, without human freedom of choice is also not enough and does not guarantee him the reality of faith. Therefore, Edith Stein shows faith as a special kind of choice, made with the participation of free will. It is an existential choice which moves and changes the inner man, and which will always last within a living relationship with God.
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