The Axiology of Rene Le Senne and the Axiology of Józef Tischner.

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Tadeusz Gadacz


The article deals with the philosophy of Le Senne in which man is determined by character and by values. The self results from relation to values. Cognition of God does not create conceptual metaphysics, but it is human act directed to the value. The author claims that Le Senne’s metaphysic is the axiology but without the hierarchy of values and criteria. The source of value is God who is not summum esse but Value. For Le Senne value and not being is a priority. That is the one of many similarities to Tischner’s philosophy.


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Gadacz, T. (2011). The Axiology of Rene Le Senne and the Axiology of Józef Tischner. Filozofia Chrześcijańska, 8, 37-45.
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