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Dariusz Dolański


The historical research community in Zielona Góra was took shape aft er 1945. In the town newly incorporated into Poland, historians were the fi rst scholars to undertake research activities. It was in 1971 that an academic institution, able to educate historians, was established. The early studies on the history of historiography in Zielona Góra are associated with Kazimierz Bartkiewicz (1930–2002), who since the 1980s had been working on the Polish historiography of the Enlightenment and the problems of the Oder region in Polish historiography. He was succeeded in this field by Dariusz Dolański, who studied the image of the West and the East in the Polish historiography of the 18th century. The most important works of both scholars were inspired by the historical research community of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, especially by Prof. Jerzy Topolski. A milestone in the development of historiographic studies at the University of Zielona Góra was the establishment of the Department of History of Science and Culture in 2007. Th e research projects in the Department have produced so far a number of MA theses devoted to the history of historiography and historical memory, as well as Anna Janczys’ PhD dissertation devoted to Joachim Lelewel. Moreover, as a part of the research carried out in the Department, Andrzej Gillmeister published a monograph on Tadeusz Zieliński. Gillmeister’s main research interests are ancient history and the 20th century historiography of the former.


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