Determinanty bezpieczeństwa narodowego. Nowe zagrożenia – nowe wyzwania

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Bąk, M. (2018). Determinanty bezpieczeństwa narodowego. Nowe zagrożenia – nowe wyzwania. Przegląd Politologiczny, (2), 39–44.


This paper analyzes the definitions and characterizes the elements related to national security. The author pays particular attention to the change of determinants and threats which significantly influence the way in which a given state’s security is perceived, and how it evolves. In the author’s opinion, at present one can observe the tendency to expand the subject matter and spatial range of national security in international relations, which follows from the internationalization of various realms of social life. It is impossible to improve the national security of a given state while tolerating the disturbances of peace that result from the widening gaps between different parts of the world, or unsolved regional and local conflicts. The main purpose of this paper is to draw the reader’s attention to the changes resulting from the need to adjust the national security system to the new challenges; the changes that not only aim to defy these challenges, but also to prevent the factors that generate them.

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