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Pope Francis, Priesthood And Mission. Ten Inspirational Insights

James Kroeger



Employing ten representative themes emerging from the speeches and writings of Pope Francis, this medium-length presentation explores the rich treasures of the Pope’s insights on the topic of priesthood and priestly ministry. Twenty-four of his most relevant documents ranging from 2013 to 2016 are quoted directly; additional background material is also provided. The engaging vision of Pope Franciscus is eminently practical, grounded in pastoral realities, profoundly spiritual, and filled with missionary dynamism. For Pope Francis, priests must have “a passion for Jesus and a passion for His people” (Evangelii Gaudium 268).

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Pope Francis; Priesthood; Priestly Spirituality; Evangelization; Missionary Joy; Preaching; Popular Piety

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INTRODUCTION. The material by Pope Francis on the Priesthood is extremely rich and plentiful. It is available to readers in a variety of internet and printed sources; often the very same document is found in various digital and printed forms. To facilitate the documentation of the quotes of Pope Francis in this presentation, a simple reference system is employed. Each of the cited documents containing specific “priesthood material” from Pope Francis is identified with double letters of the alphabet; an interested researcher could easily locate the specific document, no matter in what format or language it appears. All one needs to do is to check this bibliography to find the date and description of a specific document of the pope. In the text of this presentation, only the double letters appear at the end of a given quote. Hopefully, this simple approach avoids an overly complicated and cumbersome manner of documentation, while providing the source of the specific quote from Pope Francis. The material appearing below is presented in chronological order, beginning in 2013 and extending to 2016.

AA – March 28, 2013: Chrism Mass Homily in Saint Peter’s Basilica

BB – April 21, 2013: Ordination Homily of ten priests in Saint Peter’s Basilica

CC – November 24, 2013: Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium

DD – 2013: Book by Jorge Bergoglio and Abraham Skorka: On Heaven and Earth

EE – April 17, 2014: Chrism Mass Homily in Saint Peter’s Basilica

FF – May 11, 2014: Ordination Homily of thirteen priests in Saint Peter’s Basilica

GG – June 6, 2014: Morning Mass Homily in Casa Santa Marta

HH – December 22, 2014: Address to the Roman Curia

II – January 16, 2015: Homily to the Clergy in the Manila Cathedral

JJ – February 14, 2015: Address at Public Consistory for the Creation of New Cardinals

KK – April 2, 2015: Chrism Mass Homily in Saint Peter’s Basilica

LL – April 26, 2015: Ordination Homily of nineteen new priests in Saint Peter’s Basilica

MM – May 2, 2015: Homily at North American College in Rome to celebrate “Pope’s Day”

NN – August 6, 2015: Homily on the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

OO – November 20, 2015: Speech to Conference on “Priesthood” Documents of Vatican II

PP – December 21, 2015: Address to the Roman Curia

QQ – March 24, 2016: Chrism Mass Homily in Saint Peter’s Basilica

RR – April 17, 2016: Homily to Priests on World Day of Prayer for Vocations

SS – May 29, 2016: Homily at Jubilee for Deacons

TT – June 2, 2016: First Meditation at Jubilee for Priests

UU – June 2, 2016: Second Meditation at Jubilee for Priests

VV – June 2, 2016: Third Meditation at Jubilee for Priests

WW – June 3, 2016: Homily at Mass for Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

XX – June 4, 2016: Address to Assembly of the Pontifical Missionary Societies

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