Programy heraldyczne w dekoracji kościołów parafialnych w Kraśniku i Chodlu

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Adam Soćko


The essay is an analysis of coats of arms, mainly from the second quarter of

the 16th  century, connected with the architecture and decoration of the

church of the Regular Canons in Kraśnik and the parish church in Chodel.

 The identification of numerous coats of arms used to decorate the keystones,

supports, portals, balustrades, and facades of the Kraśnik church confirms

 two stages of its construction by two branches of the Tęczyński family (coat

 of arms Topór ) in the 15th  and 16th  centuries. The identification of the coats

of arms painted on the chancel vault of the church in Chodel determines the

dating of its decorations and commemorates the town’s proprietors –  the

Maciejowski family and their family connections in the second quarter of the

16th  century. The identification of the coats of arms makes it possible to propose

precise dating of the construction of both churches.


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