Rosyjsko-białoruska współpraca militarna w XXI wieku

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Wojciech Stankiewicz


Belorussian military cooperation with Russia causes the partial isolation of Lukashenko’s land from the West-European environment. The possibility of Belorussian membership in NATO has been curbed, up to the moment of close cooperation with the eastern ally. Only becoming independent from Russia could contribute to the rapid rapprochement between Belarus and West-European organizations and could hammer out a regular cooperation. Russian authorities are exploiting the military activities while achieving goals of foreign policy. In this way the plans during the energetic conflicts with Belarus and deployment of missile defense elements in Poland and Czech were accomplished. The exploitation of the military policy by Russia is perceived as a bargaining card which is used for achieving main national aims. Mr Lukashenko, with the help of bilateral cooperation may stay in power, which is mostly grounded on the recognition from the army. Mutual cooperation in the area of defense is very close, however, the president of Belarus is constantly refusing Russian authorities, who take the initiative to incorporate Belarusian country as one of the provinces, in order to maintain the external sovereignty of this country.


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Stankiewicz, W. (2011). Rosyjsko-białoruska współpraca militarna w XXI wieku. Przegląd Strategiczny, (1), 113-128.
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