Propaganda Daesh

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‘Islamic State’

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Klein, G. (2016). Propaganda Daesh. Przegląd Strategiczny, (9), 182–191.


The aim of the article was to show the diversity of Daesh propaganda. It consists of the of political, religious and social narratives. They have one task - to convince the world that the newly created ‘caliphate’ is a fact: it has the ability to defend its territory, no matter of how great is the efforts of ‘crusaders’, moreover, is an efficient state, which is an ideal home for Sunnis. Brutality is the element with which the propaganda Daesh primarily connotations, appears very frequently. It has specific role - to deter opponents. This reason why so often presents „hunting” on Iraqi soldiers, and mass executions. This brutality, in connection with mercy, meeting the needs of justice and belonging, makes propagandas an efficient tool for building ‘caliphate’.


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