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Stern, M. (2013). ASPECTS OF MUSIC AND JEWISH IDENTITY IN ISRAEL TODAY. Studia Europaea Gnesnensia, (8), 55–70. Pobrano z


One of the prerogatives of our time and place has been a protracted search to integrate Western artistic aspiration within a context of Jewish identification – a quest to find the indwelling spirit within contemporary and traditional compositional ethos and technique, content and form. Shared is an awareness of the tension between tradition and innovation, and the motivation to bring a timeless perspective to the fractured state of contemporary consciousness. This paper focuses on music as an art form and as an experiential educational medium in the renewal of an ingathered people who aspires to understand and walk in the ways of God, but isn't quite sure how this vision and ideal is to be realized as ancient sources of inspiration impose themselves upon against a backdrop of horror and despair.



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