Słowa kluczowe


Jak cytować

WORNAR, E. (2020). K ETYMOLOGIJI PSŁ. *SLĚPЪ/SLEPЪ. Slavia Occidentalis, (77/1), 155–158. https://doi.org/10.14746/so.2020.77.11


This article explains the hitherto unexplained variation of the root *slep/slěp- ‘blind’ which results from an old opposition of the causative (lengthened grade) vs. regular root (regular grade). This indicates a connection with the Lithuanian silpnas as a zero-grade root for the Slavic word which previously had no convincing parallels in other languages. Semantically, a connection with words meaning ‘sticky’ (as postulated by Šewc 1978 and others) should be rejected: they are neither phonetically nor semantically convincing. The preference is for the interpretation of blindness as a special kind of weakness.



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