Prawna ochrona nazw domen internetowych

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Robert Mariański


A tempestuous expansion of a new means of social communication, the Internet, has come to a stage when the operating principles of the world wide web, initially based on absolute freedom and peculiar „good manners”, needed order. New types of abuse constantly emerge becoming a challenge for law. Despite the fact that Poland has had a relatively short „Internet history”, the expansion of the Internet has left its traces here as well. The system of registration of the Internet domain names is particularly susceptible to legal offences as it frequently does not prevent illegal use of someone else’s property in order to gain direct profits or for the purposes of unfair competition. The scope of protection assigned to individual names is diversified. No uniform solution has been developed anywhere in the world to solve the conflicts concerning the Internet domains in an eff’icient and unanimous manner.


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Mariański, R. (2003). Prawna ochrona nazw domen internetowych. Środkowoeuropejskie Studia Polityczne, (1), 135-152.