Bezpieczeństwo jądrowe – trendy w polityce energetycznej

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Remigiusz Rosicki


The issue of nuclear security will be narrowed down to the realm of energy and environmental protection (that is to obtaining and using nuclear energy, as well as treating it as an alternative to other energy sources, including the harmful ones), and to the selected problems of international law (nuclear objects and facilities, fissionable material, MAEA security measures). Nuclear energy is treated as a cheap energy source and, primarily, an infinite one when compared to the finite resources of crude oil, natural gas and various forms of coal. Producing and using nuclear energy has its advantages and disadvantages. The former involve the protection of air, ozone layer and climate, the latter – a potential for breakdowns and damage. The opponents of nuclear energy pay particular attention to Chernobyl, which in 1986 witnessed the most dramatic breakdown in the atomic industry, both in terms of its ecological and social impact


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Rosicki, R. (2007). Bezpieczeństwo jądrowe – trendy w polityce energetycznej. Środkowoeuropejskie Studia Polityczne, (2), 31-55.