Fragmentary Russian-Czech-English lacunarity of the lexeme Tower on the material of dictionaries

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Alesia I. Frantceva


In this article we consider the method of contrastive analysis of башня (tower in Russian) lexeme, where the Russian language will be the source language, and the Czech and English languages will be the languages of comparison. In the study we will describe the comparison of the data of etymological dictionaries in three languages.

The aim of this comparative analysis is discovering similarities and differences in the sub-systems of three languages.

The central concept of contrastive linguistics is the notion of interlingual correspondences – units of different languages having similarities in composition of semes. Formally, there are three types of correspondences: linear correspondences, vector correspondences, lacunae. In this article we will consider one of them – fragmentary lacunarity.




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Alesia I. Frantceva, St. Petersburg State University

MA, Linguist, Bohemist, post-graduate student at the Department of Slavonic Philology, Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg State University, St-Petersburg, Russia. Main interests: Czech language, English language, comparative studies, linguistics, сultural linguistics. Published works: K voprosu o lingvokul’torologicheskih issledovanijah i ih osno- nych metodah (na primere koncepta »bashnja« v cheshskom i anglijskom na fone russkogo jazyka) In: Vestnik Sankt-Peter- burgskogo universiteta (St. Petersburg 2012). On the question of linguistic and cultural studies and their main methods (by the example of the concept »tower« in Czech and English against the background of the Russian language) In: Bulletin of St. Petersburg state University (St. Petersburg 2012), Sopostavitel’naja i kontras- tivnaja metodiki v lingvokultorologicheskih issledovaniah (na primere koncepta bashnja v russkom, cheshskom i anglijskom ja- zykah) In: Vestnik Leningradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. A.S.Pushkina (2012). Comparative and contrastive methods in linguistic and cultural studies (by the example of the tower con- cept in Russian, Czech and English languages) In: Vestnik of Leningrad state University named after A. S. Pushkin (2012), To the Problem of Language World Picture in Russian Current Cultural Linguistics In: Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2018).



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