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Vol 10, No 2 (2019)

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Mind and Machine. The New Spaces of Robots and Digitization PDF
Bruce Janz, André Schmiljun 4-7

Core topics-related articles

Company from the Uncanny Valley: A Psychological Perspective on Social Robots, Anthropomorphism and the Introduction of Robots to Society PDF
Janina Luise Samuel 8-26
Status of Robots in Moral and Legal Systems PDF
Katarzyna Ginszt 27-32
Sisyphus Cannot Rest. Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence PDF
Volker Thiel 33-44
If Machines Want to Dream... Adam Wiśniewski-Snerg on Ethical Consequences of There Being No Substantial Distinction between Humans and Robots PDF
Artur Jocz 45-51
The Ethical Significance of Human Likeness in Robotics and AI PDF
Peter Remmers 52-67
A Softwaremodule for an Ethical Elder Care Robot. Design and Implementation Abstract: PDF
Catrin Misselhorn 68-81
The Cooperative Board Game THREE. A Test Field for Experimenting with Moral Dilemmas of Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Paweł Łupkowski, Aleksandra Wasielewska 82-97
Moral Competence and Moral Orientation in Robots PDF
André Schmiljun 98-111
Rethinking Digital Games in a Critical and Participatory Perspectives. A Brief Reflection PDF
Patrícia da Silva Leite, Deborah Andrade Torquato Schimidt 112-117
E-Access to the City? Mapping Applications for People with Disabilities PDF
Joanna Pankau 118-134
Botanical Microphotography in the Perspective of Philosophy of Culture PDF
Małgorzata Bogaczyk-Vormayr 135-154
The Sequence of Loyalty and Filial Piety and Its Ideological Origins in the Traditional Ethical Culture of China and Japan PDF
Weiyu Yang 155-164

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