Kliknij ,,Lubię to” i wyjdź na ulicę. Ruch przeciwko ACTA w perspektywie performatycznej

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Katarzyna Peplinska


Katarzyna Peplinska writes about the mechanism of performing democracy in modern Poland exemplified by the Polish protest against Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The agreement has been criticized by human rights groups for the secrecy, in which it has been developed, and the potential for abuse it poses. Protest was formulated against surveillance and censorship in cyberspace. In a wider perspective this event can be called civil disobedience against democracy without public consultations. On the one hand fear of ACTA is fear of Europe ruled by oppressive corporations and politicians. On the other hand the Polish protest is also an example of governments’ fear of democracy with leading power of demos. Protesters were performing on real stage (e.g. street) and virtual one (e.g. Facebook). Hence, the Polish protest against ACTA is an example of performing the new civil society.


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Peplinska, K. (1). Kliknij ,,Lubię to” i wyjdź na ulicę. Ruch przeciwko ACTA w perspektywie performatycznej. Refleksje. Pismo Naukowe studentów I doktorantów WNPiD UAM, (10). Pobrano z https://pressto.amu.edu.pl/index.php/r/article/view/8593


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