Rządy Polemona II i Antiocha IV w Cylicji Trachejskiej

Słowa kluczowe

Antioch IV
Polemon II
Cilicia Trachea
Urban development
Pro-vincial administration
the East of the empire.

Jak cytować

Kozłowski, J. (2011). Rządy Polemona II i Antiocha IV w Cylicji Trachejskiej. Studia Europaea Gnesnensia, (4), 175–187. Pobrano z https://pressto.amu.edu.pl/index.php/seg/article/view/2845


The aim of the article is to demonstrate the significance of transformations in Cilicia Trachea, initiated with the rule of Antioch IV and Polemon II, and the impact their ac-tivities had on the introduction of direct administration in these areas by Vespasian.




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