Housing Demand in the Polish Peoples’ Republic

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Michał Jarmuż
Dariusz Jarosz


Although historians and social scientists devoted considerable attention to issues related to housing in the Polish Peoples’ Republic era, many problems still need further research. The crucial problem of the paper is to find an answer to the question: what did Poles have to do in the period between 1944/45 and 1989 in order to obtain housing? The answer given is the effect of several years of primary source research which encompassed archival material of assorted types and origins.


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Jarmuż, M., & Jarosz, D. (2013). Housing Demand in the Polish Peoples’ Republic. Studia Historiae Oeconomicae, 31, 57-68. https://doi.org/10.2478/sho-2013-0004
Author Biographies

Michał Jarmuż, University of Warsaw, Warszawa

Michał Jarmuż – PhD student at the Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

Dariusz Jarosz, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Dariusz Jarosz – Professor of History at the university of Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is specializing in the so cial history of Poland after 1945 including relationships with Western countries. Selected books: W krzywym zwierciadle. Polityka władz komunistycznych w Polsce w świetle plotek i pogłosek z lat 1949-1956 [Trough a Distorting mirror. The image of Polish communistic Authorities in the Light of common Knowledge, publ. 1995], Polityka władz komunistycznych w Polsce w latach 1948 - 1956 a chłopi [The com munist Power in Poland and Peasants 1948-1956, publ. 1998]; Polacy a stalinizm [Poles and Stalinism 1948-1956, publ. 2000]; Afera mięsa: fakty i konteksty [The meat Affair: facts and contexts, publ. 2004], Mieszkanie się należy... Studium z peerelowskich praktyk społecznych [Apartment to be... Study of social practices in Polish People’s republic, publ. 2010]; Organizacja wypo-czynku w Polsce 1945-1956 [The organisation of Leisure in Po land 1945-1956, publ. 2003]; “Polish Peasants versus Stalinism, [w:] Stalinism in Poland, 1944-1956” in A. Kemp-Welch, ed., Selected Papers from the Fifth World Con gress of Central and East European Studies (London: macmillan Press, 1999), 59-77.