The case of Nowe Warpno – new dimension of underwater research in the Szczecin Lagoon

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Przemysław Krajewski
Marta Chmiel
Michał Adamczyk


Following paper presents a new aspect of the study of submerged landscapes in the Szczecin Lagoon. This aspect is the importance of coastal processes for the conservation status of the sites and archaeological contexts. Underwater prospection can lead to collection of archaeological material of an entirely different character. These artifacts may in fact come from the destroyed land erosion processes (abrasion), and so – in terms of methodology of archeology – lie on the secondary deposit. Of course, cognitive value of such sources is very different than artifacts found in full context. However, there is possibility to use them not only to study archeology, but to assess the scale, pace and extent of coastal phenomena perceived as post-depositional processes.


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Krajewski, P., Chmiel, M., & Adamczyk, M. (2015). The case of Nowe Warpno – new dimension of underwater research in the Szczecin Lagoon. Folia Praehistorica Posnaniensia, 20, 235-256.
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