The Potsdam Agreement as Reflected in Peace Treaties


public international law
peace treaties
Potsdam Agreement

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Klafkowski, A. . (2019). The Potsdam Agreement as Reflected in Peace Treaties. Przegląd Prawniczy Uniwersytetu Im. Adam Mickiewicza, 10, 279–295.


The paper is an English translation of Umowa poczdamska a traktaty pokoju by Alfons Klafkowski, published originally in Polish in “Państwo i Prawo” in 1966. The text is published as a part of a jubilee edition of the “Adam Mickiewicz University Law Review. 100th Anniversary of the Faculty of Law and Administration” devoted to the achievements of the late Professors of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań.


Translated from: A. Klafkowski, Umowa poczdamska a traktaty pokoju, “Państwo i Prawo” 1966, no. 3, pp. 443–454 by Tomasz Żebrowski and proofread by Stephen Dersley and Ryszard Reisner. The translation and proofreading were financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under 848/2/P-DUN/2018.