State Borders in the Light of International Public Law. An Outline of the Issues

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Piotr Łaski


Apportionment of authority among states in the space is one of the fundamental function of public international law and aim of that serves state borders institution. State borders are define as a line or surface separating state territories in land, martime and airspace. However exist different kind of borders that their establish in space bases on delimitation and demarcation. As long as do not give rise controversy establish land and maritime borders, while in spite of lack border determine in air space accept that sit height about 100–150 km. To sum up in the light of public international law exists and significant border is submit of principle of territorial integrity of states at the same time by their establish essential role plays crucial role effectiveness in carry out control of territory and borders. Therefore the principle of territorial integrity of States and effectiveness control over territory defines essence and role of state border.


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Łaski, P. (2021). State Borders in the Light of International Public Law. An Outline of the Issues. Przegląd Prawniczy Uniwersytetu Im. Adama Mickiewicza, 13, 31-44.


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